Limeksen varjoappro 2020

21.9.2020 - 13.10.2020

While the legendary Limeksen Appro becomes 14 years of age this October, it is cancelled. But fear not! Instead, our team is organizing a Limeksen alternative appro, aptly named varjoappro, in the spirit of COVID-19 pandemic. Each participant arranges and completes their appro whenever and wherever safe and suitable, remotely and independently.

After the purchase, you'll receive a link to "pub crawl pass" in your wallet. The pass has room for six marks for accomplishments, and one food/drink equals one mark. For example, accomplishments can be: independent pub crawl, a beer in a sauna, a soda at a picnic with your friends or donuts while chilling alone at your sofa - whatever you like to do. The time to make six accomplishments starts when you receive your ticket and ends when you come to pick up your badge (see time printed on your ticket). You make the marks into your pass yourself.

Ticket sales begins on Monday, 21st of September 2020, 13.15 o'clock at (links below, click the time).

Please read rules and general FAQ from here.

You use your ticket when you come to pick up your badge from the badge pickup location, at the time printed on the ticket. The badges are distributed 7.-9.10. and 12.-13.10. between 17.00-19.00 o'clock. Ticket is not valid and you can't get badge before the time printed on the ticket (but it is valid after that, until the last date and time of badge distribution). If you have symptoms of infection, or can't otherwise come to pick up your badge, you can transfer your ticket (in and send picture of your filled pass to somebody else to pick up the badge for you.

N.B. Remember to create your own -account before buying the ticket, because you'll get the link to sample pub crawl pass into you wallet. Valid payment methods are credit/debit card payment and Mobilepay.

For safety and COVID-19 avoidance, there are roughly 100 tickets per overall badge pickup time slot. When you buy your ticket (links below, click the time), you can choose from following badge pickup times:

Pickup datePickup time


Badge pickup location is front yard area of Domus Gaudium, at Leppäsuonkatu 11, Helsinki.

The ticket costs 5€ and includes the overall badge. You can craft your own pass (cut, glue, silly putty, glitter, unicorns, whatever) using the template pub crawl pass (link appears in your after buying the ticket). Take a picture of your handiwork to instagram and tag it #limeksenvarjoappro #limeksenappro !
Alternatively, you can just print out the sample pass and use it.