LIMEKSEN APPRO 2022: Wednesday 5.10.2022

Individual ticket sales opens in on Wednesday, 14th September at 14:15.

Limeksen Appro, the legendary annual student party will be held on the first Wednesday of October!

Quick start quide

The ticket you bought from shows the start time. The ticket can't be used before the time indicated on the ticket - this is to distribute people over time to avoid large crowds.

Go to the starting place indicated in the ticket. Prepare for queues; we try our best but you might have to queue 10-15 minutes.

Show the electronic ticket from your smartphone to Appro staff; they'll tap the ticket as used (not you) and give you the bar crawl card ('suorituspassi', onto which the bars give you one stamp per drink).

Start appro. The bars you can visit are printed on the map on your card. Enjoy a drink (or more) per bar; you'll get at most one (1) stamp per bar.

Badge achievement limits are shown above: A=8, C=12, L=12 and T=20 stamps on your card (i.e. count of bars you'll need to visit).

Badge distribution ends at midnight, that is 0000 hours. Come to afterparty place and fetch your badge by 23:59 (11:59 pm).

Note that the badges must be completed in order, and previous badges must be attached (preferably sewn) onto your overalls. In other words, if you already have 'A' badge, you can only get 'C', and you need at least 12 stamps on your card. Similarly, to receive 'T', you need to have all three previous badges 'A', 'C' and 'L' attached (preferably sewn) onto your overalls and at least 20 stamps on your card.

After you have enough stamps on your card, go to the afterparty place (written on the card) but by midnight, and get your badge.

Please read rules and general FAQ from here.

Follow our social media and web pages, we will inform here too about next year's appro and everything else.